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Struggling to open your sliding glass doors?

We've proudly repaired sliding glass doors in The Florida Gulf Coast for the past 20 years!

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Does your sliding glass door need to be replaced? Does it feel like it weighs a ton whenever you try to open it? Perhaps you constantly hear a rattling sound or it feels like your glass doors are shaking whenever there is a gust of wind? Whatever the case may be, Alex’s Sliding Glass Door Repair can help.

You can trust that you are hiring a licensed, insured and experienced company to come and take care of your sliding glass door needs. You can take a look to see what your neighbors in the Tampa Bay area are saying about our services or tap on one of the buttons below to get in touch with us today!

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Best Service Award Spring 2020

My sliding doors were noisy and not sliding smoothly. I called Alex's and they came out and corrected the problems. Now they open and close very smoothly and effortlessly. They also open and close without anymore squeaking or grinding sound. The two men were very polite and professional. They worked quickly and were done in about an hour. I would recommend Alex's to anyone in need of this service.
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Sliding Door Roller Replacement in the Tampa Bay Area

Do you need your sliding door roller replaced in the Tampa Bay Area? 

As it's a mechanical product, it’s normal that your patio sliding doors may malfunction over time and the door hardware wears out. To avoid costly repairs, it’s important to address these problems early on and contact a professional to help.

At Alex’s Sliding Glass Door Repair, we use the highest quality stainless steel rollers with precision ball bearings. This is because precision ball bearings have greater weight capacity and extended performance. The ball bearings are sealed to prevent dust and contaminants from getting inside, ensuring the proper sliding door operation.

Sliding Door Track Repair

Do you need your sliding door track repaired in the Tampa Bay Area? 

A common issue that makes your sliding door rattle or causes it to keep moving off your tracks, making it difficult to operate is track damage. Here at Alex’s Sliding Door Repair, we have lots of experience in repairing track damage. We inspect the rollers, the track and make cost-effective recommendations to help resolve the issue for you.

New Door Locks & Handles

Do you need your new door locks or handles for your sliding doors in the Tampa Bay Area? 

Your handles may be worn, may be broken or you might just want a new one! We offer three different color handles for your patio doors, each made out of solid aluminum. You can choose from white, chrome, or black.

There are many reasons your handles may break. The most common scenario is when rollers break down underneath the door, the door becomes hard to operate and the handle breaks due to the additional weight.

After replacing the rollers, the door rolls smoothly, and a new handle assists in opening and closing your sliding door. In the Tampa Bay Area, if you have a wooden handle, the wood may swell up due to the humidity and this can cause the screws in your door to loosen up. 


Do you need your sliding doors secured in the Tampa Bay Area? 

Securing your patio sliding door is very important for the safety and security of your home. Burglars often target patio doors because they are easy to open from the outside — but they don’t have to be. You can ensure an extra layer of security by having a double-bolt lock installed on the patio doors in your house. This lock will prevent the sliding door from being lifted out of its track.

Excellent work. I was very impressed with his work. My sliding glass door now opens very easily! Thank you Alex!
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Common Questions about Sliding GLass doors

My house is just a few years old, why am I having trouble with the sliding door?

There are two reasons why the sliding doors have problems.

1. During construction there is a lot of building debris including dry wall dust, gravel, dirt, etc. This debris often settles inside the track of the sliding door. It is extremely abrasive, and as the door is opened and closed it causes damage to the rollers. Although the track may be cleaned prior to the new home owner taking possession of the house, the damage is already done.

2. Stock wheels located underneath the door are not sealed ball bearings. Wheels that are manufactured from soft steel or plastic and become deformed.

We will replace your existing rollers with stainless steel wheels fitted with sealed precision ball bearings so they never bend or corrode.

Do you install new sliding doors?

No — our goal is to fix your existing door, not sell you a new one. Fixing your sliding doors allows us to save you money. We will only recommend a replacement is if you're looking to update or change the look.

I have been spraying WD 40 to make my door roll smoother?

Please never use WD 40, as it will flush out the grease from the wheels and ruin them. If lubrication is needed, we recommend using LC Wax-Alumaslick, or a similar clear lubricant.

How do you clean the track underneath sliding patio doors?

Many household cleaner can be used to clean your track. A few suggestions are Simple Green, Windex, Ajax and a paper towel. If a deeper clean is required, then a wire or scrub brush can get in and remove grease and dirt from the track. Tracks should never be cleaned with a power washer, as this results in damage from water getting inside the door and the roller housings.

Sliding Screen Repair & Replacement

Do you need your sliding screen repaired or replaced in the Tampa Bay Area? 

If wheels wear or break on your sliding screen, the door will drag rather than roll. This can also cause you screen door to fall out. At Alex’s Sliding Glass Door Repair, we can make the appropriate adjustments to ensure that your sliding door fits properly. If you have a torn screen, we also have the expertise to re-screen your existing door.

Sliding Patio Door Glass Replacement

Do you need to replace your patio glass in the Tampa Bay Area?

If you have broken, scratched or foggy glass, it’s time to replace it. At Alex's Sliding Glass Door Repair, we're here to replace your sliding patio door glass for you. You can tap on one of the buttons below and give us a call for a free estimate!

Are you a property manager?
we can be your trusted service provider

When managing a property, we understand that sliding door issues may be left unresolved as tenants come and go. Alex's Sliding Glass Door Repair is here to help you resolve these issues and any future problems you may experience with your sliding glass doors.

Your Tampa Bay Sliding glass door repair specialists

Thank you for visiting Alex’s Sliding Glass Door Repair. We love what we do here. As a family-owned and operated business, we understand how important our sliding glass doors are in our homes and the urgency to fix them if they are broken. We are proud to provide professional and affordable service for anyone that needs their patio sliding glass door repaired and secured in the Tampa Bay area. You can rest assured that we are professional, reliable and affordable!
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They were fantastic: very professional, neat and prompt. The doors work better now than when they were new.
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