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Struggling to open your sliding glass doors?

We've proudly repaired sliding glass doors in The Florida Gulf Coast for the past 20 years!

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sliding door roller replacement

Sliding Door Roller Replacement

Sliding Door Track Repair

Sliding Door Track Repair

New Door Locks & Handles

New Door Locks & Handles

Securing Sliding Glass Doors

Securing Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding Screen Repair & Replacement

Sliding Screen Repair & Replacement

Sliding Patio Door Glass Replacement

Sliding Patio Door Glass Replacement


Affordability, Accountability and Dependability.

At Alex's Sliding Glass Door Repair LLC., we are the premiere sliding glass door and window repair company. We service residential and commercial customers. We provide quality service at competitive prices, and we are dedicated to building lasting relationships with all our customers. Unlike our competitors, we'll always recommend solutions that won't break your budget.

We specialize in sliding glass door and window repair. We replace worn-out rollers, repair tracks, fix and replace locks and handles. We also fix/ replace sliding patio screens, window balances and sash guides and offer glass replacement.

We offer a 3 year warranty on parts and labor. Our promise: your sliding glass doors will glide effortlessly by the time we're done!

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Chamber of commerce member

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Best Service Award Spring 2020

sliding glass door roller replacement

Sliding Door Roller Replacement

Does your sliding door feel like it weighs a ton — and you're getting a workout every time you open it?

Like any mechanical product, patio sliding doors may malfunction over time as door hardware wears out. It’s important to address these problems early on to avoid costly repairs. Lubricating the sliding door at this time will provide a short-term solution. We use the highest quality stainless steel rollers with precision ball bearings. Precision ball bearings have greater weight capacity and extended performance. The ball bearings are sealed to prevent dust and contaminants from getting inside, ensuring the proper sliding door operation.

Why do sliding door rollers wear out?

  1. Debris found inside the housing & on the track
  2. Lubricating door hardware with the wrong lubricant
  3. Door alignment issue
  4. Poor quality OEM wheels that fail shortly after installation
sliding door track repair


Are your sliding doors bouncing, making a rattling sound, or constantly jumping off the track? Most likely you have track damage and it needs to be repaired!

Track damage is a common issue that makes your sliding door hard to operate. We inspect the rollers, the track and make cost effective recommendations.

Track damage occurs when a home owner waits too long to replace the rollers underneath the sliding glass door (the track is the rib down at the bottom that your door rollers roll on).

Common Track Problems:

  1. When something gets dropped on the track
  2. When the wheels underneath the door start rattling, they begin to vibrate & bounce on the track, every time the door is being used. This effect starts with a “ripple look” to the track (makes it look like a washboard). The longer this continues, the deeper ripples will get.
  3. If the wheels may cease up, the wheels will drag instead of rolling causing further damage
  4. If the wheels rust underneath the door & the door sits in one place for a long time, the rust from the wheels will oxidize the aluminum track (oxidation is the corrosion process that aluminum goes through vs. steel which rusts). Also causing track damage.
The men were so great! They quickly lifted those heavy sliding glass doors and were honest about them needing new rollers. They wasted no time and did a wonderful job. Now they are easy to open and to lock.
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new door locks handles

New Door Locks & Handles

Are your door locks or handles damaged, worn down, or just plain ugly? 

Patio Door Handles – We offer three different color handles, made out of solid aluminum: white, chrome, black.

Handles break all the time for many reasons. The most common scenario is when rollers break down underneath the door, the door becomes hard to operate and the handle breaks due to the additional weight.

After replacing the rollers, the door rolls smoothly and a new handle is just an assistance in opening and closing of the sliding door. We come across many homes with wooden handles, but the problem with wood is that it often swells up with humidity, causing the screws to loosen up.

securing sliding doors


Are you worried that your sliding glass doors aren't locking properly as they should?

Securing your patio sliding door is extremely important. Burglars target patio doors because they are easy to open from the outside. Don’t be a victim of a home invasion. Add another layer of security by installing a double-bolt lock on every patio door in the house. The lock prevents the sliding door from being lifted out of the track.

We recommend installing a double-bolt lock (designed with safety and security in mind) on every sliding door in the house because the lock secures the door to the frame at two security points. This lock can be used as a primary or secondary locking system on the sliding glass doors.

Common Questions about Sliding GLass doors

My house is just a few years old, why am I having trouble with the sliding door?

There are two reasons why the sliding doors have problems.

1. On a brand new house during a construction phase there is a lot of building debris, such as: dry wall dust, gravel, dirt, etc. All of that debris winds up inside the track of the sliding door. The debris is very abrasive, as construction workers go in and out it causes damage to the rollers. The track gets cleaned prior to the new home owner taking possession of the house, but the damage is already done.

2. The stock wheels that are underneath the door are not sealed ball bearings. What that means is the wheels are made out of soft steel or plastic and get deformed.

We replace your existing rollers with stainless steel wheels with sealed precision ball bearing so they never bend or corrode.

Do you install new sliding doors?

No we don’t, our main goal is to fix your existing door and not sell you a new one. Because we can fix all sliding glass doors we can save you money. The only time we recommend the replacement is if the homeowner is concerned with aesthetics of the door or is looking to update or change the look.

I have been spraying WD 40 to make my door roll smoother?

NEVER use WD 40, it will flush out the grease out of the wheels and thus ruin them. We recommend using a clear lubricant such as LC Wax-Alumaslick.

How do you clean the track underneath sliding patio doors?

You can use any type of household cleaner to clean the track such as: Simple Green, Windex, Ajax and a paper towel. If you need a little more power to clean it out use a wire brush or a scrub brush to get in and get grease and dirt out of the track. Do not power wash the tracks, you will get the water inside the door and the roller housings, which is not good for them.

Alex the owner gave me a call when he was in route and showed up on time as promised. He went right to work and did a terrific job even vacuuming up after he drilled the holes. This has been by far one of the best customer service experiences I have had in a while.
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sliding screen repair

Sliding Screen Repair & Replacement

Need your sliding screen repaired or replaced? 

A sliding screen door doesn’t slide. Instead, they roll on wheels. When the wheels wear or break, the door drags instead of rolling. Screen doors also tend to fall out. At Alex’s Sliding Glass Door Repair, we can make an adjustment to ensure that they fit properly. If the screen is torn, we can re-screen the existing door.

Sometimes, homeowners choose to replace the existing screen door altogether, with a more durable, heavy-duty one. We can also help you replace your sliding screen door!

sliding patio door glass

Sliding Patio Door Glass Replacement

It might be time to replace your patio door glass! 

If you have a broken, foggy or scratched glass, it’s time to replace it. At Alex's Sliding Glass Door Repair, we can replace your sliding patio door glass. Tap on one of the buttons below and give us a call for a free estimate!

"WE just love the way the doors run so smoothly Now!"

You'll love the ease of access to your patio and back yard.
sliding screen repair

Window Repair

Need your window repaired or replaced? 

We service single and double-hung windows, which open vertically. If the window keeps falling shut or doesn't stay open, it indicates that balances or sash guides went bad and need servicing.

For Property Managers:

As a property manager, we understand that tenants come and go, and sliding glass door issues may be left unresolved. Our goal is to ensure that you have a trusted service provider, to help resolve the issue. We specialize in sliding glass door repair, lock and handle repair / replacement, sliding door adjustment, screen door repair / replacement and glass replacement on sliding doors. We have been a trusted name in the Southwest Florida for the past 20 years. We work with local management companies, realtors, business owners and residential customers. We are licensed and insured. Our technicians are highly trained and professional. Contact us today to discuss your property sliding door service needs. We can come on site and provide a free estimate!

Why Alex's Sliding Glass Door Repair?

Alex’s Sliding Glass Door Repair is a family-owned and operated business. We provide professional and affordable service for anyone that needs their patio sliding glass door repaired and secured. We’re professional, reliable and affordable!

"Locks work great and there is no screeching sound from the door now. We can use one finger to open and close the door, where before it was too difficult to even open using two hands."
-Debi from Punta Gorda, FL
who is alexs sliding glass door repair
Alex and John are absolute pros. 3 sluggish/stiff sliding hurricane doors repaired and gliding smoothly and freely in a few hours. There is no way I could have done this myself and they know all the tricks for getting the doors off, repaired, and operating correctly.
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