Sliding Glass Door Repair

  Is your sliding glass door hard to open? Is it making scraping sounds? Does it feel like it weighs a ton? 

                                    We have a solution! Affordable alternative for your sliding glass door!

Sliding patio door can be difficult to open if:

1. The sliding door rollers are worn out

2 .Worn down track

3. Built up of dirt,hair on the rollers/track

4. The lock sticks

5. Sagging header

  • We make your sliding patio door operate like new.If your patio sliding glass door doesn't move or it's hard to open, it may be time to replace the rollers. The rollers wear down over time.Debris in the tracks grinds down the roller. Opening the sliding glass door should be an easy task.If your sliding patio door is giving you a workout every time you open it,we have an inexpensive solution.Don't replace the patio doors, replace the rollers and start enjoying your freedom of going in and out of your house again.We use high quality rollers with precision ball bearings.These rollers are more durable than your standard stock rollers.You shouldn't struggle with the door,let us replace the parts that wear down over time.

  • Maintaining your sliding door will prolong it's operation.Patio door repair is our specialty.Please call us whether you need roller replacement,track repair,sliding door latch repair or additional security added to your sliding door. We are your local sliding door repair company,family owned and operated. We are professional ,timely and curtious.We take care of our customers.