Roller Replacement -Track Repair- Security

            We offer:

  •            1.Sliding Door Roller Replacement                                   
  •            2.Sliding Door Track Rail Covers
  •            3.Sliding Door Security Pins  
  •            4.Sliding Door Handles,Locks    

           5.Door Cut-downs

           6.Door Misalignment

           7.Sliding Door Security

 The patio door slides on rollers that are found at the bottom.Top track is a guide only.With time the bearings wear out and the sliding door rollers stop moving. We specialize in fixing and replacing worn out rollers,we repair damaged tracks, replace locks and handles so you can enjoy your sliding door once more.Sliding door roller repair is an effective solution and can save a homeowner a lot of money.

Also,keep in mind that sliding doors can be an easy target for home burglars.The intruders often time are able to lift your sliding door out of its track ,gaining access to your home.Make sure that your door has a proper lock installed making your home more safe and secure.We use CAL double -bolt lock,which is a high quality product designed to secure sliding glass door.It's a great system that will provide a piece of mind and security for your home and also installing the lock will keep young children from wandering outside.


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